Interior and Exterior Plastering

Interior Plastering in Newcastle Upon Tyne

New Plastering

Plastering your interior walls creates a smooth finish ready for the application of a new layer of paint or a new wallcovering. Whether you are renovating, refurbishing or redecorating your home, plastering offers the most reliable smooth finish for all kinds of interior surfaces.


Apex Plastering Services can install plasterboards for residential and commercial properties. If you are planning to partition your wall using plasterboards, Apex Plastering Services can do it for you.

Dot and Dab

Dot and Dab is a term used when installing plasterboards for dry lining purposes. Using specialised adhesive, we secure plasterboards over walls.. It is the more cost-effective than traditional plaster and is an efficient way to apply plasterboard to a solid wall and offers a smooth finish to any interior room.

Plaster Coving

Apex Plastering Services offers plaster coving installation services to residential and commercial properties throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne. Also known as cornicing, coving is a type of moulding that crowns the joining of the wall and ceiling. Coving gives a polished-off look to any room and comes in a range of styles, including standard and decorative.

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Exterior Plastering in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Rendering and Roughcasting

Apex Plastering Services offers rendering and roughcasting plastering services for exterior surfaces. Rendering offers a smooth finish which you can paint over while roughcasting involves applying dry aggregate material to a wet surface, leaving a textured coat.

Coloured Rendering

Rendering and roughcasting come in a range of colours. The rendering is created using White Portland Cement (WOPC) mixed with pigment to create a coloured plaster. We source the renderings in the colour of your specification and skillfully apply it to any exterior surface. Whichever colour rendering you are looking for, Apex Plastering Services can find, purchase and install it for you.

Pebble Dash

Apex Plastering Services offers first-rate pebble dashing services for domestic or commercial clients throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne. Pebble dashing is a cost-effective solution to cover unappealing brickwork or cement blocks. Smoothed or jagged pebbles are ‘dashed’ onto a top coat of render while it is still wet, resulting in a textured finish. We offer a range of pebble dash coatings to choose from including shingles, canterbury spar and golden flint.

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